Thursday, December 14, 2006

Three Estates

As I'm reading through Immortale Dei, currently, I'm constanted driven back to something historical.

In June 1789 was Bastille Day. Louis-16 and Marie Antoinette were killed in 1792. Napoleon-1 arose in 1798-99 and was defeated (finally) in 1814. Louis-16's son, Louis, was not king, only the Dauphane (crowned prince). But is still celebrated as Louis-17. Hence, Louis-16's brother claimed rulership of France in the 1790's although he never actually ruled until the eighteen teens.

Following Louis-18 were Charles-10 and Louis-Phillipe. And then Napolean-3, because Napoleon's son, presumably Napoleon-2, was killed, ruled until 1870 - when he was unceremoniously dethroned by Bismarck and the Kaiser.

But following the 1789 rebellion / revolution Louis-16 called a meeting of the three estates - the royal, the religious, and the commoners. The third estate, the commoners, became the assembly. But when the religious arrived for the meeting of the three estates all the cardinals, bishops, heads of orders, and others who were "somebody" in the Church of France showed up.

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