Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pelosi's first hundred hours


Just like Newt Gingrich twelve years ago with his "Contract with America", Speaker Pelosi is trying to start off with a bang during her / the Democrats first 100 hours of having the majority. With eight hour days that's twelve and one-half days or two and a half weeks.

Some, including Sean Hannity, criticized Pelosi and the Democrats on holding off on their start because of the NCAAF / BCS national championship game. Actually I don't feel bad about them doing it or about them not counting the "lunch hours" in that first hundred hours. Mostly, it stretches the two and a half weeks into nearly three weeks.

Second, it was requested by the Republican House leader - Sean is really being a fool for criticizing the Democrats for listening to the Republicans requests. He probably expects Democrats to act like Republicans. No, we're not Republicans. We actually listen to the minority.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

potential presidential candidates

Nearly a dozen potential candidates have declared that they are either running or looking to run in the 2008 presidential campaign / election - and its only January 2007 right now.

I support Democrat John Edwards, because of his pro-labor stance, and Republican John McCain - both, because I think they are moderate. Taken for granted, I don't expect them both to make in to the final election in November. But, in all honesty, I didn't expect the presidential campaign to start as early as in has.

Its disturbing that they have both taken to espousing their party's lines on the Iraq War. Edwards is using the Liberal "withdraw from Iraq now" while McCain is spouting the Bushian "build up the troops". In reality, I think that they are both just moderates. Edwards would want to withdraw troops - but not too quickly. On the other hand I think that McCain would want to build up a "surge" and then withdraw.