Tuesday, December 12, 2006

John Bolton

From a CNN.com headline:
An unhappy President Bush said he regretfully accepted John Bolton's decision to leave his temporary job as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

Like with most thing Bush-43 has done, I wasn't happy with the Bolton nomination. Like most of Bush-43 appointments - I don't have anything against John Bolton as ambassador. He seemed to do a fairly adequate job.

That John Bolton is stepping down with his "term of office" coming to a close is just a matter that he got a better and more secure job in the "soon" future.

I hold it against W that he couldn't find a less controversial U.N. appointment. I further hold it against him that he didn't try to find a less controversial appointment. I hold it against him even more that instead of trying to find an appointment which the formerlly Republican Senate would approve of, he resorted to an absantee apointment.

This shows a real weakness of character, in my opininion. And a real lack of willingness to compromise - and this from a President who, in 2000, campaigned on "being a uniter, not a divider". Oh well, 770 days until the next president is sworn in - that's just over twenty-five months.

On the other hand Kofi Annan is making way to step down from being secretary-general of the U.N. And Moon has already been elected as the incoming secretary-general. I wonder how thing will change, or if there will be a change, between an African and a Korean?

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