Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fifth Worst President in the U.S.

On the December 11-17 issue the Washington Post - Weekly listed W as the fifth worst president in American history - several were, supposedly, worse than Bush-43 - namely Buchanan, Johnson, Nixon, and Madison.

Perhaps its not surprising that all five had similar personality traits. First, Nixon was only, supposedly, the third worst. Johnson was actually a "higher ranked" president - when segregation and prejudice were virtues instead of flaws. Now, because he was biased against Afro-Americans and civil rights, his ratings have fallen.

Buchanan was president during the Confederacy Secession - Lincoln was still President-Elect. Being president while the nation divided into two - there isn't much worse that a presdent can do.

Johnson, the second worst president, was Lincoln's (democrat) vice-president. And he likewise inherited the early part of the reconstruction. But that's when the President and Vice-President were usually of different parties. It was the twelveth ammendment to the constitution that specified that a candidate must specify that they are running for either President or Vice-President.

Except that Bush-43 has been mostly oblivious to the desires of the citizens and has tried to "work around" and "get around" Congress. Yes, Congress was limiting the president's power, but Congress is supposed to limit the president's power as well.

When we address the president we simply call him "Mr. President". We don't call him "Your Highness" or "Your Majesty". Why, because the President is not a King.

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