Thursday, November 30, 2006

Militant Moderate Front

I was actually thinking of starting a blog a year or two years ago except calling it "Militant Moderate Front" - se la vie. It'd be hard for a practicing Catholic to not be moderate - we must be both compassionate to the needy and opposed to abortion. We must be both tolerant / accepting of minorities and we are obligated to have a standard for our own lives.

Now I've already said that it is my opinion that any Catholic needs to attend mass at last once a month. They also need to attend a majority of the Days of Obligation. If they don't do that then they shouldn't call themselves Catholic. Now the Church has more lenient rules. But to say the least, that if you are and the verge of becoming lapsed, the Church has already spoken (in AD1215 at the end of the Lateran-4 Council) as to when a Catholic becomes lapsed.

It would be hard for a "good" Conservative to be Catholic - because they must have the attitude of "pulling yourself up by your boot straps" (shouldn't everyone), which can border on being heartless. Likewise, it would be hard for a "good" Liberal to be Catholic, because of abortion and acceptance of homosexuals.

Not that homosexual lust is a sin, America magazine, a Jesuit publication, quoted the USCCB in their November 27 issue (on page six) that homosexual lust is not a sin. On the other hand, and I paraphrase here, for a guy to pick up another guy or for a girl to pick up another girl is a sin. I don't entirely agree. But lust certainly is a symptom of what can certainly lead to other sins (in both the homo- and hetero-sexual communities).

Now I may have already typed this or something very much like it - I had some computer problems earlier. For fifteen or twenty years Delaware had the "big four" - Senator Roth, Senator Biden, Congressman / Governor Carper, and Governor / Congressman Castle - two Republicans and two Democrats. At their peak the four of them had over 150 years of statewide elected experience. Then Tom Carper was running against Roth and, while campaigning, Bill passed out twice. Delaware voters said, basically, "We love you Bill, its time to retire."

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