Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Benedict and Turkey

The whole issue is borderline silly. What happened is Benedict quoted Emperor Manual 2 as saying "this". The various mullahs and other Muslim leader quoted Benedict as saying "this". When, in fact, Benedict was quoting someone else. So the Muslims should really be angry at Manual 2 for what he said six-odd hundred years ago. But they seem to enjoy getting angry and having riots - that's why they are there and I am here.

Its entirely a problem of communication and understanding. If the Muslims had bothered to understand that Benedict had not said "this" but that he was quoting Manual 2 there would not have been half the problem that there was. But it seems that Muslims enjoy getting angry and like to riot.

I'm glad that Benedict was not cowed by the angry Muslims. Then again, most Muslims seem to be angry at one thing or another. Its a shame that Benedict has to go to Turkey under such tight security - except Muslims enjoy getting angry and they enjoy rioting.

Will much come of it - maybe, maybe not. Salmon Rushdie is still alive - and he had a fatwa declared against him. Likewise, the Danish cartoonist is still alive as well. On the other hand, Benedict is in Turkey and not in ?England or Denmark.


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