Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Abortion etc.


Personnally I don't think that abortion should be as big of a voter issue as it is. Few enough people want to get abortions, few enough people are elgible to get abortions - it shouldn't be that big of an issue.

But it is.

As far as stem cells are concerned, I'm opposed to embryonic stem cell research. I'm in favor of non-embryonic stem cell research. The biggest deal with stem cell research is that nearly everyone, when you say stem cells, predsumes you're talking about "embryonic" stem cells.

I think that the research into non-embryonic stem cells is sorely needed. That most people don't know that core, blood, and marrow stem cells exist is the problem.

Now back to abortion. In the eighties between fourty and four-five percent of America said they were Catholic (or were Catholic enough to check the box on the form). Then the pedo-philia "situation" arose (regardless of the fact that a child has a better chance of getting sexually molested by a teacher than by a priest). Now one-fourth of America says that they are Catholic. That's not a problem from my point of view and that's a good thing. Because most of those who "left" Catholicism (and stopped checking the box marked "Catholic" on the form) didn't regularly attend mass.

The Church values attendance to mass as being critical. Personnally, I think that if you don't attend a religious service at least once a month, meaning that that you want to attend mass at least half the time, then you shouldn't call yourself by that religious name.

Now the Lateran-4 specified that a "good" Catholic must attend mass at least once a year and they specified that a "good" Catholic must attend confession at least once a year (to confess the fifty-plus times they missed mass). But seriously, if you can't attend a religious service at least once a month then how much and how often do you really want to attend. You're on your way to becoming "lapsed". Lateran-4 just specified that if your "on the verge" of becoming lapsed for twelve months then you are lapsed.

As I said, one-fourth of America is Catholic or claims they are Catholic. And the fourty-odd percent number of Catholics that were lost during the nineties didn't attend mass that often.

Now of the one-fourth of America who is Catholic, I don't want to hold them to the Catholic standard of life - they aren't Catholic, they shouldn't have to keep the way of life. Yet there are some / many who think / believe that if they make abortion against the law that it will help America's spirituality. I'd rather work within the lives of the people of America to try to make the live a more Christain and a more Catholic life. I'd rather let them live their life as they chose (however they chose) rather than make legislation and make they not only live their life of "selfishness" and live their life in deceit and as a lawbreaker.

Do people / doctors and nurses really deserve to go to prison and/or be killed because they're not Catholic and because they don't keep the Catholic way of life. Some would say "yes" - I disagree. Do people really deserve to go to prison and/or be killed because they don't adhere to the Bible and the interpretation of the Bible that the pro-life "sect" chooses to give it. Some (many) say yes - again I disagree.

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