Friday, December 22, 2006

Religious Symbols

In America, the anti-religious people are really getting on my nerves. Its already accepted that the basic symbols of the major religions (and many minor ones) are accepted - the cross, the crescent, and the star of david. But, supposedly, secondary symbols are not accepted - namely, pictures and statues of the nativity. Banning them is stupid, utterly stupid.

I was told there was one person, a few years ago, who claimed religious "persecution" because of an angel at the top of a Christmas Tree. Did they know whether it was a Christian angel, Jewish angel, or Muslim angel - no. They just complained about it - mostly to make noise and so they could hear themselves. I work with several Hindus and several Buddhists - they have angelic symbols as well (glowing people with wings - close enough to angels).

Anyway, my opinions. Happy Christmas.


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