Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ilegal Immigration

Last night on the News Hour (PBS) they had an article about illegal immigration. A few months ago ICE (Immigration Customs and Enforcement) had raids and arrested and potentially deported many people.

The article display several problems with current American law. The parents would be arrested and the children left behind because the parents were illegal but the children were natural born citizens. Likewise there were cases where the father was arrested but the mother not because she was viewed as "necessary" for the native born children's survival.

There was one case where a person came here, legally, who wanted the illegal immigrants deported. I really think that this is going to force the passing of a Constitutional Ammendment. Should the parents stay because their children are native born citizens or the native born children be deported because the parents are illegal and undocumented?

This can have effect even with who is elgible to become elected president - in spite of the fact that every American President, except three, have had either and English last name or an Irish last name. (Those three are Roosevelt, Roosevelt, and Eisenhower.)

The main problem that I can see is the families are being broken up and families are being broken apart. They are being broken up and broken apart because the parents are illegal and they choose to have children who become citizens by their birth.

They will have to ammend the Constitution to redefine who is a native born citizen or, more specifically, to redefine who can and who cannot be regarded as native born citizens. Namely, if your parents are illegal immigrats, then you cannot be regarded as an American Citizen.

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