Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Political news

Hillary Clinton is taking a fairly moderate and a potentially risky adventure of not saying that she was sorry for her Iraq vote. I think that its well worth-while though - and although Hillary is number three out three potential candidates to vote for President, last week I had just two potential candidates.

Its a fairly classic Moderate versus Liberal stand. The last one that was seen was Liebermann versus Lamont - where Liebermann lost the primary but won the final election. Then again, New England and the entire North Atlantic is known for being decidedly Liberal. She's willing to bet that there are more moderate and conservative democrats throughout the rest of the nation.

Jack Murtha has also proposed that no Guardsman or Reservist is sent to Iraq for more than a year, that no Guardman or Reservist serves longer than one year, and that every Guardsman and Reservist is properly trained. I agree, I applaud, and I'm well happy with that resolution. Its a nice common sense approach to the "over-extended army" problem. Unfortunately neither the Congress nor the President have been well known for having common sense.


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