Thursday, December 28, 2006

Iraq War and Clinton / Gore

I was asked some time ago "what would have happened, regarding the Iraq War, if either Bill Clinton won a third term or if Al Gore had won in 2000. My answer came out very spontaneously.

While neither Bill Clinton nor Al Gore nor anyone else could have prevented 9/11/01, and the U.S. was justified in going into Afghanistan. The U.S. would not have invaded Iraq - because the U.S. was not justified in its invasion of Iraq.

Bombing / invading Afghanistan - that was because Al Quaida had just attacked America and Al Quaida was sponsored by the Taliban, who was the government of Afghanistan.

And its well known, well thought of, and well believed that the U.N. is just a puppet of the U.S. So in response the U.S. orders the U.N. inspectors back into Iraq. And then, two months later, orders them back out of Iraq because the U.S. is invading. Now I may not have a college degree, but common sense tells me it would takes a year or two to "inspect" Iraq, not two short months.

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