Friday, December 8, 2006

Iraq Study Group

I was impressed. Yesterday W almost sounded apologetic - almost. About the Iraq war. There are a thousand things wrong and I can criticized W about it endlessly.

Clearly the insurgancy is tougher than was thought. Clearly the resistance is tougher than was thought - otherwise they would not have sent women into the combat zone.

W is only as good as his advisors. Unfortunately he has *no* idea on how to pick advisors.

My trouble witht the Iraq war was W calling the U.N. inspectors into Iraq (again) and then ordering them out because the U.S. and U.K. were going to invade.

The Bible speaks clearly on this - "Doesn't a king first consider whether he can, with 10,000 troops, defeat another king with 20,000 troops?" Apparently W never read that part of the Bible.

Now the easiest way to make peace in Iraq would be to divide Iraq into three little states - East Iraq / Basra, West Iraq / Anbar, and Kurdistan. Yes, East and West Iraq would be buffer states between Shia Iran and Sunni Arabia. But let whatever happens then happen. Don't keep the two countries together if they want to be apart.

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